Decorative Wall Plaques


Decorative plaster wall plaques are an attractive addition to any home, and can really set off your interior decor with a classically elegant touch. They’re available to match a variety of different themes and decor styles, depending on the look you’ve chosen for your room. You can select the theme that matches the product you’re looking for - specifically, or browse some of our more unusual wall plaque designs in the Other Categories & Themes section, if you don’t immediately find what you’re looking for. Here, you’ll find Christmas-themed wall plaques, dolls house miniature wall plaques and other Children’s wall plaques for your child’s bedroom, along with architectural and ornate embellishments, made specifically for displaying on the wall.


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Pair of Large vintage Ornate Cameo Lady Gent hanging Wall Plaques
H 14  1/2 in x W 11  1/4 in

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