Swags & Tails

Decorative plaster swags including French Chateau and Shabby Chic styles.

Embellish and add a touch of class to ceilings, walls, over doors, above pictures etc or simply use to make a very elegant special feature.


2 Classical fruit swagg which is of fine detail with flowers with leafs across the middle

We took a copy of the orginal one to produce†this mould while we were restoring†a property and we don't think this†lovely†piece†is available in shops

The size of this swagg is Width 12† inches x Height 5 inches approx these are made from herculite and has scrim applied to add added strength so this swagg is very tough,we have also added a hook to†each for hanging or you can use an adhesive like no nail,gripfill ect for a more perm fix

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