Chess Set Moulds

Make your own chess sets or ornaments.

Very detailed designs including The Royal Family, Gothic, Roman, African, fantasy, Shakespeare, Olympic, Chinese, skulls, gnomes and more.

Paint yourself or leave plain.

Most of the pieces are easy to cast and de-mould. Just pay special attention to eliminate air bubbles when filling as these are detailed and use washing-up liquid/liquid soap on outer mould to help with de-moulding.

All our moulds are made to a high standard thus making sure you get excellent quality reproduction with an easy to use and durable mould that will produce hundreds with a little care.

Weights given are for both stonecast and resin.

Our range of chess sets are available as 9 piece mould sets each including:

1 King
1 Queen
1 Bishop
1 Knight
1 Castle
4 Pawns
Prices as shown.

16 piece mould sets available at price shown plus 50%
32 piece mould sets available at price shown plus 150%

Showing 1–16 of 19 results

Showing 1–16 of 19 results