2 Rare plaster dog wall hanging decorative corbel shelves mouldings castings


2 Handmade decorative dog corbels shelves display brackets
H 9 1/2 in x W 6 1/2 inches & shelf depth 4 3/4 in


2 Handmade decorative dog corbel shelve display bracket.

These corbels are from high quality plaster and of fine detail both come plain white with flat backs together with hooks fitted or can be fixed with most adhesives like no nails which is not supplied but is available at most diy stores.

The corbels shown are finished in this very popular cream/burnt umber but we have other finishes available in plain white too together with a high quality rubber latex mould.
H 9 1/2 in x W 6 1/2 inches & shelf depth 4 3/4.

We ship worldwide but ask non UK buyers to contact us for shipping quote via e mail, any questions please contact us at mail@plastercraftinteriors.co.uk.

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Single Corbel, Plain White, Cream / Gold, Cream / Burntumber, Gold, Pewter, Bronzed, Rubber Mould, Mould & Plaster Support, Bulk buy 10