50 Neo-classical grand tour intaglios coins tassies gems cameos european medallions


Set of 50 Grand Tour medallions


Set of 50 Grand Tour medallions.

Reproduced miniature plaster grand tour cameos intaglio seals medallions which were an international phenomenon during the grand tours between the 18th and 19th centuries before photography when wealthy travellers had them carved for them and bought them as keepsakes thrus giving huge revival of interest in the world called the neo-classical period
These would also look great displayed in a case or split into small groups.

We also have lighted box framed intaglios that look great around the home available and are battery operated so no mains power is required.

We ship worldwide and the cost is £24.00,  that is tracked and signed for and tracking information will be provided via e mail, any questions please contact us at mail@plastercraftinteriors.co.uk.

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